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One of the first rules of good business is consistency. I tend to be religious about posting blogs on a regular and consistent basis. If you check my history with this blog, though, you’ll see a large gap. I apologize.

A few weeks ago we discovered my mother-in-law in N. Ireland was dying. We jumped on the next plane and spent the next little while spending time with her, with family and close friends, and then celebrating her life at her funeral, and sorting out her affairs. I don’t for a minute regret taking time out of my business for this, and that’s NOT what I’m apologizing for. However, normally, even this would not have caused a break in my consistency because I’m usually well stocked with blog posts ahead of time for just this kind of emergency. This time I was “caught with my pants down” for various reasons.

In short, I’m sorry. I’m back at home and back in the swing now. Not only have we managed through this to keep up with the social media commitments we have with our current clients, get a very cool site upgrade done (the other site was causing serious grief), and get ahead on some great blog posts, but we’ve also started what I hope will be a really fun project. Watch for more information on that next Saturday (September 18, 2010) as we walk a client through their own “Social Media Set-Up” adventure.

So expect a “proper” blog post next Saturday as we get back on track, and then watch for the following week as we introduce a whole new adventure in Social Media. Hope to see you there!


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