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HotSpot Promotion is a new company, and we’re working hard to establish our credibility as a group of people who will deliver on our promises.  Like all new companies, it’s hard to get the motor running without a long list of happy customers and positive feedback behind you already.  So, we’ll be Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is (POMWOMI).  We’re going to set up a client online for you to watch and see what happens.

Starting on Tuesday, September 21, 2010, we will introduce you to a client and his goals, and then over a period of a month, follow his progress weekly.  After that, we’ll check in with him each month for three months and see how things are progressing.

Every month for the next 3 months we will introduce a new client – hopefully each in a very different category – and set them up.  This will be done at no charge to the client in exchange for the publicity and feedback for our HotSpot business.  You can judge for yourselves if we are worth the money.

Would you like to be one of those clients?  We invite you to apply.   Here’s what we’re offering to those who are willing to publicly “take the risk” with us, at no cost to them:

  1. Take time to find out who you are and what you want to achieve
  2. Listen to your heart on your goals, dreams and aspirations for your business
  3. Analyze what you’re doing already and see how that fits in with 1 and 2, and adjust accordingly
  4. Work with you to design a marketing strategy using Social Media as its main focus
  5. Set up a “listening station” for you to gather the information you need about what’s going on in your business, and with your services and products.
  6. Analyze/Improve/Create a hub presence for your business – a website, a blog, etc. including all the necessary graphics/logos  (For the purposes of this exercise, if we are creating a website for you we will be customizing a free WordPress template, just so you know what to expect.  If you want something flashier, we are also happy to do that for you, but for a fee.)
  7. We will establish up to three social media sites depending on your target market, align the graphics with your website, and set up the tools you need to maintain them as efficiently as possible.
  8. Work with you to develop content (blog posts, Tweets, status updates, etc.) and learn the art of engagement.
  9. Help you develop a system to maintain what we’ve created within the time you have available
  10. Avidly promote your business through our own social media channels
  11. Give you a 25% discount on our management prices for a full year,  should you wish to hire us to continue working with you after the three month exercise on our blog.

Now, we don’t want a bunch of people jumping on this incredible opportunity who don’t have the wherewithal to follow through.  We are only looking for serious people, and we’d love to help those folks who are caught in the “I know I need to pay money to get the clients, but I don’t have enough clients to pay the money required”  syndrome.  The requirements are steep, but our investment in your business will also be steep, and our commitment TO you is the same commitment that we require FROM you.

This needs to make both of us look good ( :) ), so here are the qualifications:

  1. You must be a small, independently owned business at the beginning of your Social Media exploration.
  2. You need to be absolutely committed to this project for the month you’re “on” and the 3 months of follow up, so adjust your schedule accordingly.
  3. You must follow through on all assignments and have them in ON TIME, EVERY TIME.  Nothing worse than having to say “Sorry, can’t tell you about ABC Business, as he/she didn’t complete their homework”.  Looks bad for both of us.
  4. You must have  a minimum of 10 hours a week to devote to this project without fail, short of  death in the family or a sudden, serious illness.  I’m all for compassion and grace when needed, but not as an excuse for lack of commitment, discipline, or organization.   Remember, I will give you the same commitment I ask of you.
  5. You will need to help us spread the word by blogging/Twittering/Facebooking etc. about your experience during the process.
  6. You need to fill out the following forms (they’ll be really helpful for your business whether you get chosen or not for this challenge!) Biographical Exercise and Target Market Exercise (these are Word documents.  If you don’t have Word, we’ll send you the Open Office versions)
  7. You need to agree to the contract (which we will send you if you’re chosen), and email it to us at: info {at} hotspotpromotion.com.
  8. Use your own publicity channels to share this project with your contacts, and
  9. Leave a comment below letting us know what you’ve done to share this, and why we should consider your business (and no, it doesn’t need to be a “hard luck” story!)

Sound fair?  I hope so.


  1. Click on the “Tweet this” and “Facebook Share” buttons at the top right of this post, and share this with your circle of friends
  2. Click on the links in this post to get the worksheets, fill them out, and e-mail them to me
  3. Comment below about how you’ve shared this and why we should choose you

Our first client has already been chosen, and you’ll meet him on Tuesday.  As for the next 2, well, those spots are up for grabs!

Looking forward to the adventure!


PS – If you like the idea, even without wanting to participate, we’d sure appreciate a click on our “like” button below, or our “share” buttons at the top of this post.  The more who see this, the better everyone’s chances of succeeding. Thanks so much!

Oh and we’re also WIDE open to your comments below!

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