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In this world of instant everything, many businesses think they should be seeing people line up at their doorstep eagerly wanting to buy their product/service within weeks of setting up their marketing strategy.

The key to remember here is how long does it take to build a relationship? How long did you date your spouse before you committed yourself in marriage? How long did it take to raise your children to be responsible adults? How long did it take for you and your best friend to be able to really trust each other with the “real stuff”?

Social media is building relationships. It takes daily commitment, creative focus, and time. I recently listened to a great podcast from Shane Gibson called “How Long is a Long Term Marketing Goal?” If you’re getting frustrated with your Social Media campaign not showing immediate results, or if you’re right at the beginning of your Social Media endeavors, it’s definitely worth a listen.

Check it out, and tell me what you think in the comments section below.

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