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So, here we are on week three already! So what’s been happening?

  • We’ve got Stan’s blog posts programed to post every Wednesday, starting tomorrow. You can catch them here: Stan’s Blog
  • We’ve been working on Stan’s Twitter page. As I mentioned earlier, Stan is NOT computer savvy, and Twitter is still a bit of a challenge for him. We’ve decided to help him out not only by coaching him step-by-step until he gets it, but by also helping him with posts. Together we’ve created a long page of posting ideas with quotes, tips, and great questions to get the conversation going. We are posting these for him automatically each day through TweetSpinner*. That way we can have some movement and things for people to respond to which will help him get into conversations. Several times a day Stan goes through his Twitter stream and looks for things to respond to, re-tweet, and then also simply posts things as they come to him. As he gets more and more fluent with Twitter, we will back off the TweetSpinner help and it will be up to him.
  • Finally we’ve done some videos and they will be posted monthly to his blog and his YouTube page. He’s still a bit nervous in front of the camera, but I know this will get easier for him.

If you happen to stumble on his Twitter or blog, please leave him a tweet or a comment to encourage him in his journey!

If you’d like us to be doing this for you for free, check out the POMWOMI guidelines here, and then get in touch with us. We’re looking for a new free client for November!

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