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So, you have your Twitter account. You’ve posted some great tweets, found a few followers, and now are ready to move forward, but you find that you’re just staring at the computer wondering what to post. Not many people are interested in your lunch or the TV program you’re watching. How can you come up with some great Tweets without stressing about it?

The answer? Be prepared.

All of us at one time or another find ourselves with an hour or so that’s not structured where we could tackle a project or two. The next time that comes up, here’s what to do:

  1. Open a blank document and call it “Twitter” or something to that effect
  2. Now, write down as many questions as you can, about your area expertise that you could ask people interested in your services. So, if I’m running a Spa, I might want to ask questions about skin care, relaxation, massage treatments, etc. You’re looking for questions that you could post on Twitter to start a conversation. So, for example, you might choose questions like: “What do you like best about getting a massage?” “What’s your favourite method of hair removal?” “What’s your favourite spa treatment?” Those are just some ideas.If you’re in dog training, what about questions like “What’s your favourite kind of dog?” “What do you love best about being a dog-owner?”

    Perhaps you’re more into business development. You could ask questions like “What’s your biggest challenge with being a small business owner?” “What’s your favourite small business iPod app?” See what I’m getting at? You want great conversation starters. If you run out of ideas, try do a Google search for something like “Great questions about (topic)” List them in a numerical list on your Twitter sheet. Aim for 50 great questions.

  3. Next, do a Google search for great quotes about your area of business. For example “Great quotes about dogs” or “Great quotes about marketing” or “Great quotes about beauty”. As you find good ones, list them in between your original list of questions, so your list is now a question, a quote, a question, a quote, etc. Again, 50 is a great number to shoot for.
  4. After this, your task is to come up with as many great, practical tips as you can in your business. Again, if you run out of ideas, search Google for “simple ______tips”. For example, “Simple beauty tips” or “simple dog training tips” or “simple marketing tips”. These are now sorted into your original list after the quotes so you have question, quote, tip, question, quote, tip, etc.
  5. Once that’s done you’re looking for great articles to share in your market. Do a google search for words like “massage”, “beauty” “skin care”, or “dog training”, “chosing a great dog”, “dog breeds”, or you could search for “small business”, “entrepreneurs”, or whatever your market is. Find a great list of recent, powerful articles, and intersperse them into your list after the tips: question, quote, tip, article, question, quote, tip, article, etc. Use bit.ly to shorten your links and track your clicks
  6. Finally, you can add in some good questions or tips that could lead to your own site or products, but make sure that your own stuff isn’t “in your face” or the majority of your Tweets.
  7. Of course you should have Google Alerts set up in an RSS feed so that you have an unending source of great information to share on your list from others.
  8. Now, obviously, this will take some time to set up. Try and do one of these searches every couple of days until your list is full. If you find 50 for each topic you should have a list of 200 possible Tweets. Now, every time you’re stuck for an idea, just grab one from your list. If you’re going to have a stressful couple of days, set some up to post automatically either through SocialOomph* or TweetSpinner*.

Don’t forget to make sure your blog is posted automatically to your Twitter page as well!

The best thing about setting all of this up is that now you have a great source of Tweets that will stimulate engagement, which is what Twitter is all about, right?

Any questions, comments or concerns? Other great ideas? vPost your comments (click the link at the top of the post) and we’ll get right on them.

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