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Mary LeBeau

This is Mary LeBeau, our second POMWOMI challenger. I met her at a Business Networking breakfast, and as no one else had taken us up on our offer of a free set-up, we offered it to her.

Mary is starting up a gift basket and personal shopping business. It’s called “Le Beautique” – a clever play on words of her last name. As I write this, she doesn’t have an kind of web presence, so we’re starting from scratch.

This week our team will create a website/logo/business cards for her. Mary and I will meet to refine her target group and goals, and then we’ll set up the appropriate social media sites for her, and design the process of promoting her for the next three months.

Check back next week to see what we come up with!

If you want to be our next (and last) freebie client, please check out our original post introducing the POMWOMI Challenge and maybe we’ll have the opportunity to help you out as well!

Oh, and Stan is still around for 2 more months. We’ll update you in a few weeks about how we’re moving forward with his business.


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