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Well, things are progressing very slowly for Mary. She’s one busy lady! We did manage to meet for coffee and talk in depth about what she’s doing. This led to a complete site redo, and we’ve created new business cards for her as well.

The next step is to really clarify who she’s trying to reach, but Mary is struggling with narrowing that down. Without real clarity here, we can’t move forward with Social Media tools.

I have asked her to start creating a Twitter list, though. Hopefully by next week we’ll have some movement on that front.

With regards to those of you starting out who are as overwhelmed as Mary, we are going to start a series of posts here that deal with step by step business set up – getting your “USP”, finding your target market, and setting up your marketing. Hopefully you’ll find that helpful. We’ll post the first of this series on Saturday.

Have a great week!


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