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Well, we tried.

It was important for us to be able to give a hand up to people who really needed a good start, but couldn’t afford the help. In addition to struggling to finding people who were willing to participate we also found it difficult to keep those we did find, on track. Often it was due to their busy schedules and their computer overwhelm, and the problem of us being able to afford the kind of time that was necessary to see them move forward.

This was disappointing for both sides. At some point, one needs to draw the line, and it’s been a painful one for us to draw, because we had such high hopes for this series.

However you live and learn. Our team sat down again over the past week and brainstormed about what we might be able to do to help these “little guys” out – the ones no one can afford to really work with. We’ve come up with a new plan, and are going to be sharing it with you on our Saturday blog.

Don’t want to say more, it’s a big surprise. For now, just mark your calendar, and make sure that if you know someone who needs help in getting their business off the ground and moving forward, you have them check in on Saturday.

In the meantime, it was fun while it lasted. Thanks for watching!



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