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Sometimes when you’re starting out, it’s helpful to see what others do, so you can figure out how to set your own social media up. I thought I’d share my routine with you today.

I get up quite early and put in a good hour of social media work before my “regular” day begins.

  1. First, I start with my Twitter List. I select four items, and go to Tweetspinner* and set those up to post every 4 hours. This gives me some great Tweets that will hopefully start a conversation somewhere on Twitter for me, and will give some activity on my stream should all hell break loose somehow in the day.
  2. Next I go to my Google Reader account, and quickly go through the new articles posted since the day before that are relevant and will hopefully be interesting to my target market. I comment back on the posts I think are excellent, use my “share” bookmarklet to share the best ones with different groups I belong to on LinkedIn, and then I go to Hootsuite and program the best ones to post throughout the day on my other social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Facebook fanpages), and I might post 1 or 2 on some of the appropriate groups I belong to on Facebook.
  3. The next step is to open up TweetDeck, post some kind of “Good morning” greeting across my networks
  4. Finally, I go through all my social network streams on TweetDeck and see what’s happening across the networks that I can engage with or share.

I am fortunate to have 2 monitors on my desk: my main monitor is for all daily tasks, and my second one has TweetDeck up all day so I can easily monitor what’s going on. I try to glance at it often – especially to monitor questions or comments directed at me, or catch any direct messages that need my attention – but I also go through it 3-4 times a day in earnest to see where I can engage with what’s going on.

The schedule above takes me a little over an hour, and I work to do it every morning without fail.

Once I’m done that general routine, it’s on to things like blog posts (which I schedule with Hootsuite) to post on my networks over the next couple of days) and do any other business that needs to be done online for marketing/engagement purposes.

Hope that helps! Do you have a schedule different than mine? I’d love you to share it! Any questions or comments? Post them in the comments box!

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