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Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what social media actually does. I mean, what is it all for?

I thought I’d share two quirky events from the past two weeks from my own social media.

I have a profile on LinkedIn that focuses mainly on HotSpot Promotion, but mentions that I’m also a walking coach. A freelance writer for Chatelaine magazine stumbled across my profile, and has asked me to share some insight on creating a walking habit, for an upcoming article for Chatelaine Magazine’s online New Year’s edition. While I’m wide open to such an opportunity, I wasn’t even looking for it. Social Media made it happen.

On the other hand, there’s a health podcast I personally enjoy, and because I enjoy the podcast I follow the author on Twitter from my wellness account, PraiseWalker. The author followed me back. She started noticing my posts, and clicked on my graphic that leads to my flavors.me account, and discovered that I do social media managment. Because we have much in common, she decided to contact me to get some help with her social media.  She then went on to refer me to a friend only a week after our initial phone call.

In both of these cases, I did nothing to gain this attention, other than engaging with people online. These two women approached me “cold” and presented their opportunities with no special effort on my part.

These are only two instances out of several that have taken place. We are a very small, very new business, reaching out to a very specific group of people, in an area with a whole lot of competition, and by just engaging and being “out there”, business comes to us without needing to do any chasing, pushing, or shoving.

This is the magic of social media.

How’s it working for you?


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  • http://socialmediamagic.com/blog Kimberly

    Hello there,
    Social Media is the most awesome thing for businesses. Not only can you communicate directly to your consumers, you can listen to them and learn from them — to please them better. Great post! Look forward to networking with you in the future!


    admin Reply:

    Thanks for the comment, Kimberly! I also look forward to networking with you.