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If you’re a small or home business you are probably completely overwhelmed with all the various tasks you have to do just to keep your business happening. The very thought of trying to add marketing to everything else you’re doing makes you want to crawl into a corner and weep. I mean, just the number of marketing possibilities is staggering, and questions end up bouncing around the worn out edges of your poor, overworked brain. Questions like:

  • Do I need to set up a Twitter page?
  • How do I create a Facebook Fan Page?
  • How does LinkedIn work, anyway?
  • Should I print brochures?
  • What about mobile marketing – am I doomed if I don’t have it in place?
  • How can I possibly find the time or inspiration to blog? I have WORK to do!
  • You mean I need to keep in touch with customers REGULARLY? How and when am I going to do THAT?!
  • Yeah, the list is endless. Be honest: what you really want is to just get on with what you know how to do well, and let someone else handle the rest, right? The problem with this is you need to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s going on in your customers’ worlds and lives in order to meet their needs to the best of your ability in your business.

    I hear that heavy sigh! No need to despair, though. We believe that business owners should be empowered to have as much control over the success of their business as possible, but we also understand it can be overwhelming and incredibly stressful (and we know that by first-hand experience, not just hearsay!) What we’d like to do is offer you a solution – for free.

    Simply download our marketing checklist here:

    Fill it out, and email it back to us for a no charge, no obligation review of your business

    Include as much detail as you can. We’ll take a look at it, and help you understand the most important things to be focusing on, and how to tackle that in your time-frame with your skill level. We’ll help you design a step-by-step marketing plan that is doable and enjoyable, and most importantly, effective.

    So why not give it a try? It won’t cost you a penny, and there is no obligation. The worst you’ll get out of it is clarity and some great ideas. What is there to lose?


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