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So, your Twitter is all set up nicely. By now you should be feeling a bit of a rhythm with it, and making some good contacts.

Today we’re going to get started on Facebook.

  1. Go to Facebook.com and follow the steps to create an account
  2. Use the tools on the site to find your friends. Once you start finding your friends you’ll see that they’ll start sending suggestions, too. Think about all the things you’ve been involved with – jobs, school, events, clubs, etc. and rack your brain to think of anyone you might invite to your page.
  3. Fill in your profile. The more you fill in, the more your list will grow.
  4. Add a really nice, warm, happy picture of yourself. Here’s an article with some good ideas: Taking a Great Facebook Profile Picture
  5. Check your settings. Again, let me share a great article with some valuable advice: Facebook Privacy: 10 Settings Every User Needs to Know

Now, start chatting! Watch what others are doing, and follow suit. Do remember that everything you post on Facebook is permanent. Be personal, but be professional.


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