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The Guinness Book of World Records listed Joe Girard as the “World’s Greatest Retail Salesman” for 12 consecutive years.  He sold an average of 6 cars everyday selling 13,001 cars during his selling career… all at retail.


By connecting with his customers.  One of the main ways he connected was by sending each client 13 cards per year, and they lined up to buy cars from him!

Joe sent a card a month to just say hi and build relationship, and then he sent them a card at Christmas time, as well.

13 cards in total, to become the world’s greatest salesman.

What could you do if you could duplicate his results?

HOW can you do this in today’s busy, must-be-automated world?

  1. Keep an active client database and every time you hear of a birthday, anniversary, special event from your clients, schedule it in your calendar.
  2. Every month go through the dates coming up for the next month and get cards set up and mailed – do them all at once!  It will save time.  Schedule a card date in your calendar.
  3. Make sure each card is personal.  Don’t just do a swack of pre-printed cards all with the same message – make sure you use their name, and refer to something special about them in particular.
  4. In addition to special client dates, think of something to celebrate every month (yes, this is a site for children, but all the special dates are there, and some really fun ones, too, that could get your clients talking).  Some events are obvious – Canada Day/July 4th, Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s day, etc. but it’s also great to be a little quirky and celebrate dates like these ones coming up in August:

There are dozens more, like national ice cream sandwich day, National Clown Week, Respect for Parents Day, etc.  I”ll bet that if you put in some extra effort you could come up with great ways to cook up some very creative marketing around themes like these that would brighten your client’s day and make yourself memorable to them.

Why not check it out – remember, just one card a month plus a card at Christmastime.  If that’s too much work, call me, and I’ll set you up on a system that will automate most of it for you – almost too good to be true!

If this inspires some great creativity in you, please share below.  I’d love to hear what you came up with.


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