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On Tuesday we looked at 3 business keys for success. Today we want to build on those keys, supporting them with 3 business fundamentals.

Let’s get started.

Once you know you are solving a high-demand problem, you need to look to the next 3 business fundamentals.

  1. Stand Out: unless you are truly and amazingly unique, you must find a way to stand out from the crowd. How is your coffee shop different from the other Starbucks copy-cats out there? How are your vitamins unique?
  2. Offer Exceptional Value: If you’ve managed to stand out tell me how you’re better? What exceptional value do you add to the equation? Why would I want your insurance over my other options? Why should I shop in your boutique instead of Walmart? And remember, it’s not always about price. What is so valuable about what you’re offering that I will do whatever it takes to come to you instead of going to someone else? What makes you attractive to me?
  3. Communicate: If the first two are in place, how are you communicating that message? How is your message so strong and compelling that it drowns out your competition? How does it single me, your ideal customer, out from the crowd of advertising messages and get me to listen to you, specifically? How does your message “call my name” as it were? Can you explain what you do to someone else quickly and succinctly in a way that compels them to ask for more information?

If all six elements are in place, you are well on your way to creating a business success. If anything is missing, you need to get to work on that right away!

Again, feel free to post below and let’s brainstorm your idea together, making sure you have all the necessary elements in place for ultimate success!


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