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On Saturday I showed you the Business Success Equation. Now we’re going to start breaking it down and showing you how to do those little tweaks that make such a huge difference.

We’re going to start by increasing our leads.

  1. Go to the library: Your public library is a HUGE resource for finding leads. Go to the business desk and tell the librarian exactly what kind of lead you’re looking for (stay-at-home moms, new businesses, the name of the CEO of a company you’re trying to penetrate, new home owners, etc) and your librarian will direct you to the correct resource and show you how to find what you’re looking for. Here’s a great article on some of the things you can find at your local library: How to Get Leads for Free from Local Public Libraries
  2. Magazines and Newspapers: While you’re at the library check out the magazines that deal with your sector and check out the classifieds and other ads to see if there might be someone there that needs what you have. Check out chapter 4 of the book Open Your Daily Newspaper & MAKE MONEY!
  3. Visit Your Chamber of Commerce: Find out what they’re doing and how you can get involved in something that your ideal client will attend. Here’s a great article with more detail: Get Free Sales Leads from Chambers of Commerce
  4. Find Trade Associations: join and search their member data base for ideal clients. Note: Do not – I repeat DO NOT – just create an email blast or a mail out hawking your wares to everyone on the list. The list is a resource for building relationships through the association’s activities.
  5. Join a Networking Group: These are great places to find new leads. Again, don’t just hawk your wares, build relationships. Some of these groups are very organized on a national and international basis, and can cost quite a bit of money. Others are more local and less expensive. You’re usually allowed to visit them all once for for free, but then make sure you join the one you like best and participate actively. Here’s an article that will help you make the best of your local networking group: 10 Tips for Successful Business Networking
  6. Purchase Lead Lists: These can be good or bad. Good purchased leads are expensive, so make sure you’re willing to follow up in multiple ways. Start by calling them to make sure they’re still interested, and to see if they’d like more information. If yes, put them in your autoresponder. Follow up with a physical card thanking them for their time. Call them again in 6 weeks to see where they’re at. Here’s an article with some good ideas: How to work your leads
  7. Create a Great Referral Program: Reward your happy clients for finding new clients for you. Here’s more information for you: Using a Client Referral Program to Grow Your Business
  8. Do Some Cold Calling: but do it carefully. Here are some tips: Cold Calling Techniques
  9. Do Some Warm Calling: Follow up with a past client, call on friends and family who might have a connection, connect in a different way with people you follow online.
  10. Write a Letter: write a personal letter to a hot prospect. Don’t blast them with a sales presentation. Introduce them to what you’re doing, and ask for their help with finding people to talk to. Here are some great ideas: The Top Five Techniques To Use Personal Letters As Prospecting Tools
  11. Attend Meetings and Seminars : Look for meetings and seminars that attract your ideal client. Build a relationship with them at the meeting (Bob Burg’s book “Endless Referrals: Network Your Everyday Contacts Into Sales, New & Updated Edition” is a great guide for this)
  12. Serve on a Committee: find a committee that reaches your target market, and become an active, positive member.
  13. Set Up a Joint Venture: If you know of someone with a complimentary but non-competitive business, offer to work together on a swap. You offer something to their list, and they offer something to yours. You might find this article helpful: “7 Insider Tips To Joint Venture Success
  14. Do Some Public Speaking: If this makes you quake in your boots, start with Toastmasters . When you gain some skill and ease look for places that need speakers, like your local library, Here are some more tips: How to Get Started in Public Speaking and How to Start Speaking at Events
  15. Host a Presentation: Is there something you’re really good at that others want to learn about? Host your own presentation! Book a local community hall or do a nightschool class. Do NOT use this to wax eloquent about your business opportunity. It’s all about education. Becoming the expert draws people to you who need what you offer. Want some help? How to Do Seminars
  16. Write Articles: Write good articles about your area of specialty, and get them hosted on ezinearticles.com as well as other article sites. Here are some good tips: Write an Article in 20 Minutes
  17. Host an Open House: and invite those who can most benefit from what you have to offer. Have something that draws them in if they’re feeling trepidacious – link it to an important charity drive, have a huge raffle prize, bring in a guest speaker, or something to make your open house really worth a visit. Some tips here: Using an Open House to Promote Your Business
  18. Advertise: in classifieds, online, Facebook, etc. Find other complimentary companies and do a link exchange with them. Need some ideas? Best tips – and biggest mistakes – in online advertising
  19. Get Listed: Make sure your business is listed in the appropriate business directories, online and offline.
  20. Use HARO to Get Media Coverage: Search for reporters on HelpAReporter.com (HARO) looking for what you have to offer. Give them exactly what they want (don’t sell, educate – remember?) the way they want it. Here are some great tips for using this service effectively: Tips to Use HARO for Free Media Coverage
  21. Distribute Flyers: Create a strong message (perhaps based on your elevator pitch and deliver them in your neighborhood to raise some awareness. Here’s an article that will help you do this well: 7 Tips To Using Flyers As One Of Your Small Business Marketing Ideas

There are many other ways to find leads, but this list should be a great start. I’d be delighted if you’d share some of your own ideas below so we can all benefit!

On Saturday we’ll talk about ways to improve conversion.


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    Great post!

    These 21 lead generating methods will definitely help any business succeed!

    Thanks Darlene!



    admin Reply:

    Thanks so much for your reply, Kevin. I’m glad you find the tips helpful.


    Kevin Reply:

    For sure!

    Sometimes I forget some of the easier methods and this gave me a reminder.