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Sometimes when you’re building an MLM/home party business, you come across someone with all the characteristics you need – focus, determination, disicpline, good work ethic – but without the necessary resources to start a business. Unfortunately, these are often the people who most need the business opportunity, and have what it takes to succeed – if you could just find a way to get them started!

There was a person in my acquaintance who probably needed to start a business more than anyone else I know – only she couldn’t.

She’d managed to work her life in such a way that she was pretty seriously wedged into a corner. Here’s the scoop:

  1. She left school with next to no useful skills (though she’s no idiot!)
  2. She got married, had three kids, and her husband left her when the third was 5 years old
  3. She insisted on only working jobs that would allow her to be with her kids when they were home, so she mostly worked minimum wage jobs.
  4. She did take training in secretarial, office, personal assistant tasks and did very well, but was again hindered by her choice to be available to her kids. This choice caused money to be very tight, so she often worked two jobs at a time – around her kids – so she was really stressed for time and money

This is where I came in. She needed something that was not going to add to the financial burden or her time stress in any significant way. She needed to be available to her kids. She needed to avoid overwhelm.

The best work at home jobs are MLM’s or Party Plan jobs because they have the system in place and all the marketing stuff available – you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. However, you’re kidding yourself if you think you can build a business like that really quickly without investing a ton of time or about $500/month – or both. This woman had neither.

I sat down, racked my brain, searched the Internet, explored, tested, spent a ton of money, tweaked, and finally came up with something created just for this woman.

  1. It was just one hour a day (marketing and set up included)
  2. It was only 5 days a week
  3. It was a total of $14 out of pocket one time
  4. It created a steady stream of ever increasing residual income
  5. It trained in the art of marketing in a low stress/no stress way
  6. it could be worked after the kids were in bed
  7. It could build into bigger and better things, allowing her the option of marketing an MLM of her choice later on, but with marketing skills, a steady income, and a trusting list already in place
  8. She could slowly and steadily increase her income and replace her jobs in a time frame of less than 6 months
  9. She could make a huge difference if she could find just five people to join her

Over the years since then I have continued to tweak and improve the system so that it was even simpler. I was thrilled that I now had the ability to help those who really needed another source of income, but had no idea how to move forward in their current life situation in order to make that happen. I’m sure you’ve met people as you go about your business who, like my friend, really need an answer but can’t handle the overwhelm – financially or time wise – of owning their own business. Think of it like a “pre-MLM” course for those who need a hand to get to the first step!

The system takes 90 days to get up and running and to complete the basic training in marketing. As you build it you also start to automate it. There are two layers – a quick “cash cow” type of business that grows your initial investment of $14 in order to invest in the second business that gives you further tools and training and turns your initial investment into ever growing residual income. Ideally you would then plug in to a the third level where I teach the art of relationship marketing while powerfully connecting with those “100 names” you need to build an ever expanding MLM (but you don’t sell them anything at that level. First you build and nurture the relationships). After that, you can plug anything in that you like. Your client is trained, funded, and connected.

Interested? Check it out here: 90 Day Income


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