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Be Irresistible and Attract What you Want in Your Business

I’m so excited to announce my upcoming book, “The Nectar Effect: Be Irresistible and Attract What you Want in Your Business”. Written together with a wonderful friend of mine who is a true wordsmith, the book is a practical “how to” for applying the principles of relationship marketing to your business. Some of the chapters included are:

  1. Getting Up Close and Personal (Face to Face marketing)
  2. The Customer is Gold (customer service)
  3. Picking up the Phone (build relationships through phone calls)
  4. Schmoozing on Social Media
  5. The Magic of a Greeting Card

and more!

Currently we’re running a poll on Facebook to choose the cover. There is a choice of three, and we’d love to have you participate. Head on over to https://www.facebook.com/TheNectarEffect, “like” our page, vote for the cover, and get a download for the first four chapters.

There are share links in the book we’d love to have you use to spread the word. We’re also looking for some JV partners so if you’re a B2B business and want some more exposure, the details are in the free download. If you have your own ideas, please contact me through this website.

Looking forward to hearing your reactions!


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