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Social media sites are often a great place to vent. It can be a very effective place to vent, as well. I remember having one of those unbelievably frustrating times with my phone company where the inability to make them understand an incredibly simple request had turned me into a screaming banshee. Unable to have them simply flip the switch to have my service activated, I finally posted my anger on Facebook. The result was a call from their Canadian head of Customer Service and my problem fixed immediately.

However, it’s very important to realize that more and more your words can come back to haunt you. If you call people names, accuse them of wrongdoing – whether it’s your ex, a former friend or a business, you could be hauled into court.

If criticism is due it’s best to first do that in private, calmly and with facts firmly in place. If there’s a need to do it publicly make sure it’s unemotional, backed up with facts and documented evidence, and checked by several people (preferably one being someone who understands legal matters) before you put it up there.

Remember, once it’s on the net it’s ALWAYS accessible, even if you delete it. If you’re not willing to stand up in public and speak it out loud for all to hear and have your name attached to the statement forever, don’t put it on your Facebook or post it on your blog.

Remember what your mom used to say? “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”

You have been warned!


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