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I know, I know. You already have a ton of stuff on your plate. You’re so busy working IN your business you have no time to work ON your business. If you could just bring in enough clients so you could hire a helping hand…

What if I could tell you that truly striking follow up can be done in less than 5 minutes a day? What if that follow up brought you the business you need to hire that extra helping hand?

Here’s the thing, in today’s automated, ad-message overload society, your marketing has to do more than just blast emails and fill up your social media. It has to make your clients and prospects take a second look. Follow-up must be multi-touch. To fill that role I don’t think there’s anything better than a card. Imagine your client going through their mail in the morning – bill, bill, junk, bill, bill, bill -whoa! What’s this? It’s a card that says hello or congratulates them, or thanks them. It’s in your handwriting, with your signature, and might even have their picture in it. Imagine what that says to your client! Imagine how often they’ll share that experience.


… but who has the time to buy cards

…write personal notes,

…find a stamp,

… address and mail them?

Well, what if it were much easier than that?

Imagine this scenario with me for a moment:

You just get back to your office, it’s already late, and you have a ton of paperwork to do to process the two orders you picked up today, check in and follow up with some clients you’re working with, and do a quote for a prospect you met with for the first time. Where do you find time to follow up?

If you can invest less than five minutes additional time to that workload, here’s what can happen:

  1. “Thanks for the Order” cards will be printed and mailed in your handwriting and with your signature to the two customers you picked up orders from.
  2. You schedule time to do the quote for the new prospect and you send out a “Thanks for your Time” handwritten card.
  3. Two “Thanks for the Referral” cards go out to two people who gave you referrals today. And in addition to the card, you send along a box of chocolatey “melt-in-your-mouth” brownies to go that extra mile and help them to remember you next time they meet someone who needs your services.
  4. Two of your customers and a personal friend have birthdays in 7 days so handwritten cards from you to them will be in the mail in the morning.
  5. You send a little love to your sweetheart to keep the fires burning through a card with his/her picture on it and a sweet note inside.

How can this be done in 5 minutes?

It’s all about the system. You purchase an automated card system* (that allows you to send cards for less than $2.00/card including postage) and when you get it you immediately set it up like this:

  1. You fill out font creation form in your handwriting and include up to 4 signatures (formal and informal) to be used on your cards.
  2. You select (or create) a “thanks for the referral” card, a birthday card, a “thanks for your time” card and a “thanks for the order” card – along with any other kinds of cards you might need to send to your clients on a regular basis.
  3. You write a thoughtful but generic message to go inside the cards, program it to type your recipient’s name into the card automatically, decide if a gift or gift card should be included and save it as a “campaign”.
  4. You also upload some photos that will allow you to personalize these cards – business card scans, logos, artwork, photographs, etc.

And now, once you have this set up (give yourself a day to get this done – we can set most of it up for you) here’s how they all get sent in less than 5 minutes…..

  1. You look up the two customers you got orders from in your contact manager and with one click, send them the “Thanks For Your Order” handwritten card campaign (15 seconds each – total 30 seconds)
  2. You look up your prospect you met with and with one click subscribe her to your “Thanks for Your Time” campaign (15 seconds)
  3. You look up the two people who gave you referrals in your contact manager and with one click, subscribe them both to the “Thanks for the Referral” campaign which includes a box of brownies. (15 seconds each – total 30 seconds)
  4. The birthdays are taken care of automatically for the entire year when you launch the birthday campaign to your customers and to your friends. Everyone you subscribe to the campaign gets a personal, handwritten card from you put in the mail 7 days before their birthday. (You will also see a reminder of any birthdays or anniversaries on your main menu screen so you can always write a special personal message or include personal photos on your card if you choose.)
  5. You take the last 45 seconds to pick a photo you’ve already uploaded, put it on the front of a card and write a short love note to your spouse.

    (If you’re really efficient, you could create 12 cards with photos on the front and love notes on the inside and schedule them to go out at random intervals throughout the year – not on anniversaries or birthdays – but at unexpected times for the best impact… then it takes no time on a daily basis at all…literally)

Now, do you realize the effect all these cards and small gifts will have on people?

The most stunning part of this whole thing is that the system itself is free (including the high-powered contact management system to keep this all organized like clockwork). You just pay for the cards, gifts, and postage.

If you want to know more about how we can set this up for your particular business, give us a call (403-374-0167)!


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  • http://www.EnlightenedNetworker.com/ Ilka Flood

    Hi Darlene,

    SendOutCards is a wonderful service! My husband and I are using it all the time and often get great compliments on the cards. I once even got a thank you for a thank you card. Try that with email :)

    And the automated system makes it so convenient too.

    All the best,



    HotSpot Promotion Reply:

    Yes, Ilka, I think it’s one of the most ingenious products on the market today! I use it for everything!

    Thanks for stopping by. I love your blog! :)