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On Saturday, February 11th, 2012, I became a published author! My book is: 31 Days to Twitter Mastery

Currently it’s on Kindle, and you can get the EPub version on Lulu.com

As soon as I approve the proofs (they arrive tomorrow), it will also be available in print on Amazon.

The book is intended for small business owners, solo-preneurs, home-business operators, network marketers, authors and others who would like to get a bit of a grasp on how to use Twitter to improve their visibility.

There isn’t a lot of theory. The book’s introduction states the importance of marketing in context, knowing your target market and the value of using a variety of marketing methods, but beyond that, it’s just meat – step by step for 31 days. Every day you have one lesson that takes you through the process of setting up an almost entirely automated but highly effective Twitter account that will be fun to run and vastly improve your reach and credibility in your chosen industry. It isn’t just about automation, though, it shows you exactly what and how to automate so your time is freed up for engagement, and we cover that too. “Now that it’s set up – what do I do with it?” is the focus of the later chapters. By the end of the book the reader will have an interesting, ever-changing Twitter stream that invites their followers into deeper engagement, reveals their own personality, and creates many points of connection.

Here’s an example of a lesson – sorry my computer screen is too small to get the whole page on the screen!

I’ve purposely kept the price low ($7.99 for e-book versions and $14.99 for the print version) so the “little guys” can afford the help they need to move their business forward. And the best part? Once you’ve bought the book, everything I teach you is completely free.

There are at least 6 more books in the series, all on different small business marketing topics, and they will be published over the next several months.

I’d be thrilled if you’d pass on the info, and if you know any small business owners who want to do some free marketing, this book would be a great gift idea for them! :)

If you purchased the book, I’d really appreciate a review on Amazon. It would sure be helpful!


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