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So on my last post I chatted about the new kid on the block, the “ultra sparkly” Pinterest

This post I thought I’d balance it out with some great stuff on the “old faithful” Twitter platform. Twitter, while still popular, is very much in Pinterest’s popularity shadow these days, and hardly talked about. That doesn’t mean it’s no longer used or valuable. Sometimes you just need to freshen up the old stuff to give it brand new life. Here are some ideas for making that happen:

  1. Take a second to freshen up your bio – make it engaging and inviting. Let people know exactly what you have to offer without being “in your face”. Think about what defines you, your passions, your interests. Think about what you want out of Twitter and who you want to engage with. See if you can write all that using some of your best keywords, too! Make sure it portrays a little bit of your personality. Yeah, I know, you only have 160 characters. What a great way to show off your creativity!
  2. Need a new photo? Remember, your photo is the first point of contact. Make sure it’s actually a photo of yourself (not your logo – people connect with people, not businesses), that it reflects your personality somehow, and that it actually looks like you. Be relaxed when you take it, and make sure the lighting is bright enough to really show off your lovely face! Remember, Twitter profiles with great pictures have 10 times the followers of those who don’t. Go grab that camera now and get some fun shots!
  3. Speaking of Pictures…Twitter’s new format plunks the picture right in the timeline of your profile page, so take advantage of that and post more pictures. Not tons, but one or two a day would make a nice profile page even better!
  4. Use Your Link Wisely - Your profile includes a link. Don’t just take people back to your home page, bring them to a specific landing page that includes things they may be interested in. Create something just for your Twitter followers and see if you can capture their information for your newsletter, too!
  5. Freshen up your followers – clean out the stagnant ones, toss the spammers, list the good stuff, and find new people to follow
  6. Finally, go through and check your recent Tweets and get a sense of what you sound like – too much self-promotion? Boring? Too many posts on the same topic? Do you, as a person, show up anywhere or is it all just business? Try to look at your stream as if you were your ideal client checking you out to see if they’d want to follow – are you in any way appealing? If you see holes or problems, work out how to fix them, and maybe set a new course for your Tweets

There you go! I hope that was helpful and that you get a fresh sense of excitement about your Twitter account. By all means, feel free to follow me (@hotspotpromo)

If you want more help with your Twitter, I’ve written a book called “31 Days to Twitter Mastery. Creating a Mostly Automated, Highly Effective Twitter Presence for Your Business“. Check it out!


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