It’s Time to Sparkle and Shine!
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I’m not exactly a domestic goddess. I’m pretty sure I missed that whole package of genes…

Cleaning is not my favourite topic, though I love the results of a well-cleaned home.

BUT – that’s not the kind of cleaning we’re talking about here today! Today we’re going to clean up our marketing! Now that’s the kind of cleaning I enjoy! :)

Here’s the scoop: you’ve been marketing your business for a while. You’re present on all the necessary social media platforms. Articles go out on a regular basis, and you’re a whiz at getting face-to-face.

But let me ask you – when was the last time you read through your various profiles? Clicked on all the links? Checked out your current article bio? Actually read your business card?

Just recently I was performing a standard marketing task for my own company when I read through one of my social media profiles and nearly choked. It had one of our older tag lines that we no longer used, and listed information that’s no longer current for what we’re doing. GAK! How long had that been there?!

Last week a kind soul mentioned an totally embarrassing typo on my LinkedIn profile – even though I’d proof-read it, had a team proof-read it, and then had a LinkedIn expert go through it and make suggestions – the typo slipped through. Humiliating. Is that kind of thing happening in your marketing materials?

If you’re someone who uses third-party apps to do your media (Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, mobile apps) this is the kind of thing that happens. Here’s the challenge for today: Do a major “scrub and polish” of your marketing and let’s make sure your sites/products are up-to-date and sharing the right message with a sparkle and shine!

  1. Take a close look at your business card. Use “fresh eyes” to see if there are spelling mistakes or if links are incorrect or missing. Make sure all the information your clients need is on it. Have someone else give you an honest critique. Make the necessary arrangements for improvements and corrections.
  2. If you’re a bigger company think about a few problems your customers might run into and walk yourself through your own telephone menu-maze to see how easy it is to get an answer. Are you pretty frustrated or did this work smoothly and efficiently? Again, give the same problems to an outsider and have them walk through to find their impression
  3. Call your voice mail. How’s that message sounding? Tired? Lame? or is it still fresh and appealing?
  4. Go through your website, read everything, click every link. How’s that all working? Any typos that need to be fixed?
  5. Go through each of your social media sites, and do the same – what profiles need to be refreshed? What links are broken? Do you need a more recent photo?
  6. Finally, pack one of every piece of marketing material you have into your briefcase/handbag/computer bag, or whatever you use, and every day take out one and read through it carefully to see if any corrections need to be made.

And when you’re all done? Well, come on back here and share what you discovered! Any major bloopers? Forehead slaps?
Post them below and let’s share in the fun!


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