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Author: Darlene Hull

Funny thing about running a business. You have all these dreams and visions. You get your dream board up on the wall. Post your financial goals on your computer, set up shop on a funky new website and wait for the clients.

When they don’t come, you start throwing money at courses, ebooks, and signing up for webinars.

And still the clients don’t come.

You prepare better packages, work on your pricing, go to networking meetings and STILL the client roster is empty.


Because you don’t do the work.

Running a business means reading copious amounts of material, studying courses, taking training, talking to experts, posting your vision, setting your goals and DOING THE WORK.

You have to show up every day and do the slogging. Work the social media, write the articles, make appointments with those you connect with in your day-to-day, pick up the phone, manage the paperwork, manage the finances, create your to-do lists and FOLLOW THROUGH.

I found myself falling into the trap of not doing the work. I started out fine, and did really well for a long time. Then I found myself smack in the middle of “shiny bauble syndrome” shuffling things around, playing on the computer, buying products and courses but NOT DOING THE WORK. Thankfully, a friend and coach spoke truth to me during a seminar I was at. I came home did some housecleaning, and started doing the work.

Guess what happened? Clients showed up at my door.

How about you – are YOU doing the work? What gets in your way? Share your experiences below!


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  • Andrew Pebley

    You have to dig a little bit of dirt in order to find the treasure! I love the message of this blog post. You really have to have the mentality, the mental perspective, to CHAMPION every day. Go out and get it done! Between stimulus and response, there is choice. Make the choice, right?