Why On Earth?
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Author: Darlene Hull

I’ve been geting some coaching. Very helpful. Very beneficial.

Interestingly enough, all three coaches are asking me about the same thing, but in different ways and for different reasons. Seems the question on the table is “Why on earth are you doing this?”

One wants me to think about my business, reach inside and find three words that describe my why.

The other one wants me to express my passion for doing the business in three words where one of them is a verb.

The third one just wants to understand my heart in order to help me be more effective.

Funny that all three need the same kind of answer.

The answer to the first one is “Trust, Abundance, Freedom”. The answer to the second is “Making Dreams Happen” and the answer to the third is “because I get so excited when I can help to make dreams materialize”

It’s all kind of the same thing. I love what I do because running your own business is all about dreams. I’m realizing, however, that unless I also really focus on increasing the money, my message and gifts can only go so far. I can only help a small group of people. The more money I can earn, the broader my reach, and the more people I can help.

My brain is buzzing with ideas, and with trying to get some of those ideas to “settle” so we can actually make them happen. I’d like to have 4 clones of myself for about 30 days – wow, what a difference that would make! :) But at least now I am much clearer on my purpose and direction so I can just focus on things that will move that forward instead of chasing after the “shiny bauble syndrome” that I talked about last week.

What about you – can you describe your passion in three words? I’d love you to share them with us below!


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