Your Visceral Why
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Author: Darlene Hull

As I mentioned earlier I’ve been dealing with my “why”.

A couple of days ago my father forwarded this video to me, and it really struck a chord. In the MLM business we were always told to “know your why” but it had more to do with cars, debt payment, and more time with family. This is different. This is knowing that visceral why for why you’re motivated to do anything.

It’s over an hour long (70 minutes) and is worth watching.

(sorry for the odd way of posting this. NOTHING I try today will allow me to actually embed the video here. WordPress has simplified the solution to embedding videos and it now doesn’t work AT ALL on my blog. After a 40 minute battle I gave up. Sigh)

If it speaks to you, I highly recommend the book Greg Habstritt is talking about: Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action*

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