Making Money with Social Media
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Author: Darlene Hull

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The best test for social media effectiveness in business is hearing the cash register ring. Many people are great at “doing social media” but if the cash register isn’t ringing, there’s a problem.

Here are some things you can try with your own social media to hear that lovely sound of Ca-Ching!

  1. Be the Expert: Work to always give great advice and tips. Become the “go-to” person for folks with questions. Provide good, solid answers and links to the right tools, cheerfully and consistently.
  2. Create Helpful, Affordable Products: Know where your fine line is between giving generously and giving away the farm. If people want all your information and help without paying, then when that delicate line is crossed, offer them a paid program or paid coaching to go into more detail.
  3. Connect with the Right People: There’s only so much time to handle social media. Create lists of those target clients you’re really going after, and be as gracious and helpful as you can so you start to stand out from the crowd
  4. Engage first: Before you talk about your products, get to know your followers well, ask for their input, share their stuff, and then pop in the occasional ad for what you have to offer (without gushing, ALL CAPS and 12 exclamation points).
  5. Ask Questions: Need a new product or program? Ask your followers for input. Get their ideas. Make them a part of it. Find out how they want it delivered. Let them help you design it. Give perks for their participation.
  6. Build a Community: Give shout outs, helpful advice, and brag on your followers and fans. Create conversations with them, rather than just pushing stuff. Make your pages the “happening places” for great conversation and advice.

Have you been able to keep your cash register ringing through social media? Do you have tips to share with us?


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