Happy Birthday!
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Author: Darlene Hull

Everybody loves a party, right? Everyone loves to feel special!

Your client is no different, and here’s an incredibly simple way to do it: send a birthday card.

I mean, think about it, when you go to your email inbox you’re overwhelmed, and you probably delete a lot more than you read, right? When you go to the mailbox, it’s mostly bills and flyers.

Imagine what it would feel like for your clients and prospects to get a real card with no request, just a quick celebratory message and the feeling of “I so appreciate you”. Tell me that won’t mean something! Tell me they won’t remember you!

You can set this up REALLY easily by creating a personalized birthday card campaign using a simple and inexpensive greeting card organizer like “Send Out Cards*” (Check it out, and send a card on me to see just how simple it really is).

When the campaign us up and running you simply find the birthdays of your clients by searching the net (both Facebook and LinkedIn have birthdays for most members) and put that into the system. Then, automatically, on their birthday they get a little personalized card from you.

One small little step, and a huge, positive impact.

Talk about know, like, trust, and REMEMBER!


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