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Author: Darlene Hull

You’d think that if a person has the wimpy, fine, not-a-lot-there hair like me, that there wouldn’t be enough energy in the follicles and strands of hair to rebel against my styling efforts.

The truth is, while my hair has trouble maintaining the appearance of fullness or curl for more than 27 seconds, it is able to fight against all my efforts to release a kink or a flipped edge with a tenacity that is somewhat startling.

Needless to say, my wimpy stubborn hair needs to be cut properly if I’m going to have any hope at all. I’ve tried cheap cuts, I’ve tried expensive cuts, I’ve tried perms, I’ve tried special shampoos and nearly every styling product and tool out there. I’ll try anything to tame these few strands into some semblance of order without driving myself mad in the process.

In my half-century+ on this planet I have had the rare (very rare) good cut, but I’ve NEVER had a cut that is as easy as the one I just got from Natasja Fischer of “The Studio“. In fact, it’s so good I can go two days without having to wash it. THAT’s amazing.

Not only that, but I didn’t have to come home and “fix it” when she was done. Natasja listened to me, checked and double checked that everything was the way I wanted it, and then showed me how to style it. She went to much more effort than I’m willing to go to every day to get my hair to look great, but the fact of the matter is, my hair looks great regardless.

IMG_20130220_085310 (1)Now, before you jump to conclusions, understand that Natasja is not my client, and I don’t receive anything for sharing this with you. I paid full price (very reasonable) for my cut and style. It’s just that I hate a GREAT business to go to unnoticed.

If you need a GREAT hair cut, colour, whatever, Natasja is your girl.

If you need to look awesome without a huge amount of frustration, you can contact her:
by email:
Find her here on Facebook
Give her a ring here: 403-973-6910

Oh, and she has 3 of the most beautiful Persian cats I’ve ever seen. And two sweet boxer dogs as well.

Tell her I say “hi”!


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