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Author: Darlene Hull

After my wonderful experience at the salon last week, I have decided to continue to showcase brilliant business owners.

As an entrepreneur with ADD (I think most of us have it!) I have a ton of trouble keeping on top of the things I need to do.  Part of me believes I can single-handedly take over the world, and I set up my daily to-do’s accordingly. This makes for overwhelm, self-deprecation, and massive frustration.  I also have trouble tracking paper, and keeping focused on one thing without being distracted (“Squirrel!”).  Detail maintenance of any kind has me curled up in a fetal position in a dark corner sniveling.

Thankfully, a serendipitous conversation on Facebook put me in touch with Andrew Pebley who came to the rescue and began working with me as my coach. Now, you need to understand. I’ve put down a shocking amount of money for so-called “coaching” with nothing but frustration and anger to show for it. Andrew is, thankfully, the real deal. Without squashing my super hero self belief, he has managed to bring a sense of reality to my thought process (not an easy achievement).  He has also shared tips and ideas for getting some of that clarity and focus I need without making me feel like I’m supposed to live in a rigid immovable schedule.  It’s been a fun journey.  Andrew has a great sense of humour, and his extensive training and experience enable him to  understand completely why I get so weird.  He’s teaching me the art of training, rather than keeping me in the “trying” mindset – huge difference.

Since coaching with Andrew I feel calmer.  My mind feels more spacious, rather than confused and crowded, and there seems to be a centering going on inside me that has not been there before.  Kinda nice!

I started working with Andrew sometime back in June of 2012, and since then I’ve established empowering routines, better self-care, and a much stronger work practice.  All with a smile and a giggle.  Andrew is very personable and accepting.  It’s been a true blessing.

Because I’s so delighted with the changes I see in myself, I want to invite you to take a closer look at Andrew’s coaching business. I can STRONGLY recommend his one-on-one coaching, but if that’s not in your budget, you might want to take a look at his group coaching. Much more affordable, and still huge benefit.

Andrew is running a group coaching program starting March 6th.  You can get the details here: ”Changing Minds, Changing Behaviors

While Andrew and I do work together, I don’t receive anything for suggesting this.  He did not ask me to do this.  I do it because I truly believe he can help you become all you were meant to be because of your ADD/ADHD, rather than in spite of it. Andrew is a breath of skillful fresh air. If you’re an ADD business owner, this is one of the smartest investments you can make!

You can find him on Facebook here: Andrew Pebley ADHD Coaching for Professionals & Executives

Say “hi” to him for me!


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