Ack!  What Should I Post?  Here are 52 Things to Post on Social Media!
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Author: Darlene Hull

It’s early morning, and you’re panicking, looking at a blank status update for your Facebook page, cursor blinking.  As a business owner, what can you possibly put in there that will be interesting, engaging, informative, and entertaining for your followers?  What can you post that will grow your business?

Social media is all about great conversation with people who love you and what it is you offer.  To get the word about your genius out there, what you post has to be be something that calls people to action – they share it, they “like”, they leave a comment.  So, to get those juices running, here are some ideas for what you could post!

  1. an inspirational quote
  2. an educational article that will move your followers closer to their goals in your industry
  3. an “icebreaker question” to find out a little more about your followers personally
  4. a challenge for the day
  5. a funny picture
  6. a business tip
  7. showcase a client
  8. ask a fill in the _______ question about your industry
  9. a YouTube video that will move your followers forward in your industry
  10. ask a question about your client as it pertains to your industry so you can better understand their needs
  11. a job posting
  12. your latest blog post
  13. a poll about their personal likes and dislikes – make it fun
  14. celebrate a lesser known holiday
  15. showcase your work with a client (with their permission)
  16. create and post an event
  17. create and post a survey to find out what your clients need
  18. a client testimonial
  19. a special offer
  20. reply to comments
  21. thank your customers
  22. “as it happens” updates on an event you’re attending
  23. a free ebook or video training
  24. vent (carefully)
  25. share a triumph
  26. share a failure
  27. photos of your staff or team members
  28. the unveiling of a new product or service
  29. countdowns to an event
  30. an award your business has won
  31. an inspirational story
  32. a hilarious video
  33. something that lets you laugh at yourself and share with your followers
  34. ask someone specific about something – follow up on a task they’re doing, and challenge they’re attempting, a client they were hoping to land
  35. a great find – a restaurant, a product, an experience
  36. an inspiring book you’ve read
  37. voice an opinion
  38. ask for feedback
  39. ask your followers how they’re doing
  40. share some personal news
  41. answer a question
  42. post a photo of something interesting you saw in your day
  43. share wisdom from something you’re reading
  44. post about lessons you’re learning
  45. tell a story
  46. capture a conversation
  47. share your vision and mission
  48. highlight a charity you’re supporting
  49. post a great TED talk
  50. share a local event in your city that pertains to your followers
  51. post fun or interesting industry trivia
  52. share reactions to current events
  53. ask for something you need (yeah, added an extra one here!  I was on a roll!)

So, that list should get you started!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by that list, and you’re looking for ways to make all of this easier, check out our JumpStart Social Media Workshops where we help you set it all up, establish correct and useful automation, help you create an engaging content calendar for your platforms, update and create your graphics, give you a professional head shot, and send you home with everything in place, fully equipped and ready to start on Monday.  No panic necessary!  Early bird pricing is in effect until March 22, 2013.

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