Business Startup Basics #2: Don’t Get Locked In
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Author: Darlene Hull

There are dozens of people out there willing to take your money. Website developers and marketers can be some of the worst for scamming you out of money (yes, I know, I’m a marketer. Many of us are also honest!) My recommendation is that once you have some clients, invest in a good website built on WordPress that you retain the rights to. Don’t spend more than $2500 (and preferably not even that much) unless you’re doing a huge catalogue site, or something that needs to crunch large amounts of data. Just so we’re clear, if you’re spending more than $10/month on hosting you’re being ripped off unless your site is VERY video heavy.

SEO services are not necessary at the start if you’re doing a great job of social media, especially on Google+

If you’re paying for social media, make sure the person you’ve hired isn’t paying people to like, sign-up and share your posts. They need to know how to get this action organically. Or, if they’re doing this through legitimate social media ads, those ads need to be tracked for effectiveness. They should also be able to show you the results of your investment through regular reporting.

Many great services are available on a month-by-month basis, but sometimes you only need them sporadically. Many of these sites allow you to cancel and then sign up again when you need them. I do this for webinars. I sign up for a month, create and record my webinars, ahead of time, and then set them up as a play on demand. I only need the webinar service 2-3 months of the year, so that’s all I pay for.

Did you ever find yourself getting locked into something that was costing you money with minimal results? Share your story below! We can all learn from it!


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