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Author: Darlene Hull

One of the things I love about my job is that I get to meet a ton of creative business people! Earlier this month I got to meet with a very cool person – Sean Falkenberg of Dynasty Concierge.

Now, if you check out that website you’ll see a very “no nonsense, strictly business” site. Sean can organize your life, tidy your paperwork, Schedule your appointments, and keep you on track. Sean, however, goes way beyond that. I’ve rarely met a person with more creativity, skill, and talent. Need a reno? Sean can do it. Need fresh, cooked-from-scratch meals on your table at the end of a long day? Sean’s your guy. Want someone to pick you up from the airport after he’s cleaned your house, prepared your dinner, and made sure laundry’s done and your house is clean? Sean will do that. And while you flop on your bed exhausted, he’ll make sure you’re unpacked, your laundry is done, and your suitcase is put away.

But Sean goes beyond that, too. He has a passion for beautiful, old cars, and creative thinking. Imagine an old fashioned car (sorry, I have no idea what kind of cars he has – you’ll have to ask him) with a properly liveried chauffeur picking you and your loved one up, taking you to the mountains, and while you’re enjoying the countryside, Sean has a gazebo built, a chef on hand, lounge chairs set up, and a beautiful meal cooked and prepared for you when you get back. I’m sure he’d have no trouble adding a string quartet if that’s what the moment calls for.

In the three hours we chatted, Sean told me many a tale of what he has done in the past, and what he’d love to try in the future, from Oscar parties, to elegant transportation complete with cigars and brandy. Our discussion made me feel like we’d entered into Downton Abbey, and I had my own Valet (yeah, I know, valets are for men…) sitting opposite me. It was incredible.

So, if you want something truly spectacular and memorable, give Sean a call, and see what he can conjure up for you.

And no, he’s not my client, and I’m not his. He’s just an awesome guy doing an awesome job in the city.

Contact him:

by email at: sean@dynastyconcierge.com
or by phone: 403-869-9661

Tell him I said “hi”!


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