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Author: Darlene Hull

As a small business owner I have spent thousands of dollars on (unfortunately) very inept business coaching. I’m a little “burned”, as it were.

I’m also not really a fan of most networking groups – I hate being in a place where everyone’s in it just for themselves.

However, I have had the very great pleasure of stumbling across a sort of combination of excellent business/life coaching and business networking for a steal-of-a-deal price in the GradUit Network. There’s quite a history behind it, and the simplest version is to suggest that you buy the book: GradUit Journey It’s a quick and fascinating read, and it will give you the details. (That’s my Amazon affiliate link, by the way)

Now, you need to understand that I grew up setting goals, and I also have ADD. The combination can be very frustrating as it’s hard to focus all the way to the end of the goal when you have ADD. I always start out with great enthusiasm and peter out before I get done. Melanie Hayden-Sparks is putting an end to all of that for me. Not sure how she’s doing it, but I started on November 17 with their pre-launch “Cornerstones” meeting where we established our goals for the next 90 days. Since then I’ve been at two other meetings – the next Cornerstones meeting, and an “All Business” meeting. Here’s what’s happened in the three months since that  November meeting.

I have:

  • completely re-organized my business – changed our focus and my daily routine, and worked out my expense and  income goals, and then created my business plan for the year based on that.  I’ve never had so much clarity in my business.
  • I completely re-vamped my website, and my social media platforms
  • I put together a series of videos promoting my next social media workshop
  • I’ve planned my whole year as far as promotions and activities for my business are concerned
  • I’ve cleared my plate of some enormous tasks that I agreed to that have been seriously getting in the way of my business growth.
  • I’ve set some hard boundaries in my personal and professional life that are setting me free
  • I’m catching up on huge backlog and working well in advance of where I need to be in my business
  • I’ve created a specific plan to bring in clients (that’s working) and I believe that not only can I make a profit, but in the next month or so, I’ll be bringing my husband home at his current salary, to work with us.
  • I have created and maintained a morning routine (also with the help of my awesome ADD coach, Andrew Pebley - more about him another time)  that I’ve managed to keep up with almost every morning.  This is unheard of in my life.  I’ve never kept any kind of routine for more than about 2 weeks.
  • I have de-cluttered (with the help of a friend) my top floor, my kitchen, and 3/4 of my books (that latter project is rather enormous.  I’m addicted to books).
  • I have gained incredible confidence in my own skills and calling in Social Media
  • I have never been clearer in my life about my path forward.

Not only that, but I’m connecting with other like-minded business people, developing great friendships, and no longer feel like I’m alone in my struggle to move my business forward.  There’s a ton of laughter, and sometimes there are tears, but it’s all good stuff, and I am moving forward in leaps and bounds. There isn’t a lot of fluff and nonsense in our meetings.  It’s all concrete, block-busting kind of teaching.  It’s been amazing for me.

Here’s their “Graduit Manifesto” video to help you get a better understanding of what this is all about:

The membership is ridiculously low (one Time Membership Initiation Fee – $200 and $25 per month if you belong to a local Chapter, or $15 per month if you live 150 km or more away from the closest Chapter.  Plus the cost of different workshops – VERY reasonably priced, and packed with amazing growth and learning tools)  The benefits are listed here: GradUit Membership Benefits.

I am a member of this, and there are benefits to me if you sign up – just want to be clear here.  However, even if there were no benefits to me, I’d still be posting this.  This is one of the best programs I’ve ever been involved with.  If you’re a business owner, you should probably take a look. The next “Cornerstones” meeting is on Saturday, April 20th. Don’t miss it!


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