Are you tired of fiddling around trying to get all different
social media pieces in place?


Do you want the chance to just sit down and get it all done?


The JumpStart Social Media Workshops
are for you!

We get together for three days – either in town or out in the mountains.

  • You bring your computer.
  • we get your pages set up,
  • automation in place,
  • editorial calendars written,
  • all the graphics created and in place (FB cover, Twitter header, backgrounds, etc) and
  • professional photographer will be on hand to make sure you have a head shot that looks great.

When you go back home, you’ll be confident that you can run this by yourself with maximum efficiency and minimum effort. You also have the full notes so you can refresh your memory if you forget how to do something.

This is the cheapest form of hands-on training we offer. All three days are just $1497 for Calgary sessions or $1597 in the mountains. The benefit of the Calgary sessions is that they’re close, and just 9-5. The benefit to the sessions in the mountains are that you are not distracted by your other daily responsibilities, and there is much more personal, hands-on time with me, for those of you who feel you need a little extra help.


You will need to have completed the following before arriving:


Is it worth it? Here’s What Others are Saying:

Too many trainers in the marketplace know about a subject from taking courses or reading about it. They are not really experts because they do not apply their knowledge to achieve measurable results… and that is where Darlene stands out from the crowd! She excels in transferring her deep vein of knowledge and skills about social media in a manner that enlightens even a Luddite such as me. Darlene is a consummate professional and takes pains to see to it that her students understand and can apply the skills she teaches. She took a complex subject and taught a roomful of beginners how to set up Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and then ensured that we knew how to manage our social media program on a day to day basis.
Alice Wheaton
Darlene Hull and her Hot Spot team are social media experts.

Not in the way that many people claim to be but in the way you are looking for: neck deep, live it, breathe it understand it social media experts.

The workshop was something I recommend whole heartedly. I learned a ton.

The two most important things that stood out for me:

  • I was taught well, understood how it all worked and was confident that I could do it all myself.

But – and this is just as important if not more –

  • if I decided not to handle my own social media that I knew exactly who could, HotSpot.

Darlene’s workshops are worth every cent. In fact, I suspect you’ll be inclined to want to tip her as you leave because you won’t think you paid enough for what you got.

Patti MacNeil,
 Confident Calgary Kids

HotSpot’s Social Media workshop was a fantastic weekend of learning, connecting and sharing. I learned from everyone who attended. Darlene’s book on Twitter helped me get started in the social media world. Now I love it and I can’t thank Darlene enough for her coaching. If you want to get into social media, I highly recommend Darlene.  Her “don’t be afraid – we’ll figure it out together” approach has made all the difference for me. Happy tweeting, blogging and Facebooking!

Anita Niven


HotSpot’s Social Media Course was awesome! I knew very little about this vast subject area. Darlene is an excellent teacher with a huge knowledge base. She shares generously and offers follow up assistance. I have gained so much in confidence and expertise. Well worth the investment!

Sharolie Osborne

Darlene Hull and her Hot Spot team are social media experts. I highly recommend her social media workshop.

Gunita Thirumalai,
Gunita Photography

Available Dates

June, 2012

Date: June 26-28, 2013
Time: Daily 9:00am-5:00 pm
Location: Beacon Literacy Offices, 1331 44 Ave NE Calgary, AB T2E 6L5  (403) 283-3278


Note: All payments are transferable but NOT refundable.


Social Media in the Mountains!

Date: TBA Time: 9:00am-5:00 pm
Location: Delta Kananaskis 1 Centennial Drive
Kananaskis Village, Alberta T0L 2H0 Canada
NOTE: there is a surcharge on this event to make up for the extra costs of being in a hotel. In exchange, however, there is the option to move much more slowly through the material, and there is more opportunity for one-on-one assistance.

You are responsible for your food and accommodation costs


Note: All payments are transferable but NOT refundable.

Contact me for payment plans.

Please include your phone number in your email. Thanks!